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Staff Directory

Staff Directory


Father Andrew Trapp, Pastor

Deacon Bill Lacombe, RCIA, wdlacombe62@gmail.com 

Deacon Michael Beeler, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion Coordinator, mbeeler@stpeters-church.org

Deacon Tom Cook,  tcook@stpeters-church.org

Deacon Gene Kelenski,  deacongene@hotmail.com

Sister Maricela de Jesus Gomez, Hispanic Ministry, hministry@stpeters-church.org

Ann Feltner, Principal, St. Peter’s Catholic School, afeltner@stpeters-church.org

Karen S. Widenhouse, Parish Manager, kwidenhouse@stpeters-church.org

Andre Rakus, Director of Music Ministries, musicdirector@stpeters-church.org

Nancy Compton, Director of Faith Formation and Evangelization, ncompton@stpeters-church.org

Robert Rosa-Cruz, Youth Minister, rrosacruz@stpeters-church.org

May Hoffman, Assistant to the Pastor, mhoffman@stpeters-church.org

Cecilia Collins, Bookkeeper, ccollins@stpeters-church.org

Maria Carrera, Parish Data Manager, mcarrera@stpeters-church.org

Rob Widenhouse, Facilities Manager, facilities@stpeters-church.org

Brian Wegmann, Maintenance Staff, maintenance@stpeters-chruch.org